1. Download EcoStruxure IT Gateway

Before downloading the gateway, be sure to check system requirements to avoid any connection issues

      EcoStruxure IT Gateway


2. Log in to gateway


Go to the default address https://<server name or IP address> and log in with the username admin and password admin.

Set up a proxy server

The EcoStruxure IT Gateway server must use the internet to communicate with the EcoStruxure Digital service. If you are using a proxy server, specify the settings.

  1. Click Proxy Settings
  2. Choose to automatically detect proxy settings or configure the settings manually. Specify the proxy server address, the HTTP port and HTTPS port used to communicate with the proxy server, and the username and password to access it.
  3. Click OK to confirm the StruxureOn Gateway server can access the proxy server using these settings.

3. Discover devices

Click the Create and run a device discovery link on the banner, or access the Device Discovery page from the More > Discovery option.

Create and run device discoveries for Standard devices (SNMPv1,SNMPv3 and NetBotz), Modbus TCP, or Advanced.

A standard discovery can include SNMPv1, SNMPv3, and NetBotz devices. A Modbus discovery is only for Modbus devices. An Advanced discovery is necessary for only the devices listed in this option, which requires you specify the Device type, Device vendor, and Device family.

> Having trouble discovering devices? Get help here!

> Did you configure alarm thresholds? Get help here!


4. Register and connect gateway


In the gateway, click EcoStruxure IT. Click Register to register your organization and connect your gateway.

Follow the guide in the gateway to complete your registration.