Drive recurring revenue streams with EcoStruxure™ IT

Leverage our monitoring and management solutions, providing you with asset visibility, real-time monitoring and data-driven recommendations to create new hardware, software and service revenue opportunities 


Supercharge your service business: Find YOUR way to incorporating EcoStruxure IT into your business model

Drive recurring revenue streams by reselling subscriptions license packages

  • EcoStruxure IT Expert (secure, vendor-neutral cloud-based monitoring software)
  • EcoStruxure IT Expert + EcoStruxure Asset Advisor (secure, vendor-neutral cloud-based monitoring software, combined with 24/7 expert remote monitoring service by the Schneider Electric Service Bureau)
  • EcoStruxure IT Expert + Dispatch Services (secure, vendor-neutral cloud-based monitoring software, combined with advanced remote and on-site support with parts and labor included)
  • Monitoring & Dispatch Services (24/7 proactive monitoring, remote support and on-site support with parts and labor included)

With EcoStruxure IT Expert for Partners generate new business opportunities for refresh through both constant, real-time monitoring and ad-hoc, deeper-level personalized assessment tools.

Build customer intimacy with EcoStruxure IT Expert for Partners generated insights into your customer’s operations.

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How does EcoStruxure IT fit into your Partner business model?

EcoStruxure™ IT Expert for Partners is OPTIMIZED FOR








Global visibility through real-time device monitoring and alarm consolidation

Gain insights into the current stage of your customer’s hybrid IT environment with single-pane-of-glass visibility.

Ease of deployment

Take advantage of a subscription model optimized for any-size customer, for increased convenience.

Data collection from all devices, regardless of vendor

Centralize management of all networked devices, including non-Schneider Electric devices for clarity in your customer’s ecosystem.

Actionable recommendations based on analytics

Improve your customer’s infrastructure by leveraging benchmarks to help your customer align devices against industry standards and best practices.

Foresight into potential infrastructure risks

Mitigate risks and generate new business opportunities by running assessments of your customer’s critical assets, including UPS health checks, battery wear, lifetime alarms, and device security vulnerability.

Make power and critical infrastructure monitoring part of your DNA

Integrate EcoStruxure IT Expert with your existing remote monitoring and management (RMM) system and build new applications for new business opportunities.



Get an instant overview of all of your customers’ environments using the single pane of glass multi-tenant interface.

Alarm map

Map view of your customers’ alarms and warnings based on location so you can quickly identify sites and equipments that require attention. This feature is especially useful to partners who have multiple customers and/or manage distributed IT sites.


Identify new hardware refresh and resell opportunities, along with new business opportunities by running multiple assessments based on real-time data, including UPS status, lifetime alarms and cooling (coming soon) to help optimize your customer’s environment. Explore the running list of equipment assessed in your customer’s environment, and data related to alarms, temperatures, device age and more. Assessments can be exported into pdf format for easy presentation and delivery to your customer.


Get an instant overview of your customer’s infrastructure with a detailed list view of each of the devices connected to their environment and related alarms and benchmark results. Get visibility into your customer’s device data in read-only mode to help you build customer intimacy and create value.


Optimize your customer’s infrastructure by aligning them against industry standards and best practices. Leverage the 500 million data points received per day in the EcoStruxure data lake to compare battery temperature, battery age and UPS age. Analytics help you take a more predictive approach when it comes to improving your customer’s equipment efficiency.


Get a thorough understanding of the incidents occurring in your customer’s environment with a one-pane-of-glass view. In one glance, explore alarm distribution for a wide range of critical assets and critical alarm history by day. For more detailed information, drill down into each individual occurring alarm to enable fast remediation.


Explore the many benefits of EcoStruxure IT and become an IT power and cooling expert!

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