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We adapt to what IT means to you—by empowering you to operate the most efficient, secure, sustainable infrastructure. Our EcoStruxure IT architecture delivers a new standard for proactive insights on critical assets that impact the health and availability of an IT environment. What that really means: advanced monitoring, efficient planning and modeling, and a wide range of sensors.

What’s New

Schneider Electric’s comprehensive DCIM solution, EcoStruxure IT, ensures business continuity by enabling secure monitoring, management, insights, planning, and modeling whether from a single IT rack to hyper-scale IT, on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge.


Monitoring and Management

Reduce OpEx and downtime, while gaining instant visibility into your colocation, data center, and distributed IT sites in the cloud or on-premises.

EcoStruxure IT Expert
Data Center Expert
PowerChute Network Shutdown


Environmental and Security

Increase resiliency and monitoring through physical security offerings with a wide array of intelligent sensors, camera clip captures, configurable alerts and robust management options.



Planning and Modeling

Design for the future by gaining full insights into your data center or colocation infrastructure – from the big picture to individual devices.

EcoStruxure IT Advisor

Maximize your EcoStruxure IT Software offers with custom-made solutions tailored to your needs and requirements.

EcoStruxure IT eLearning ensures successful DCIM software deployments with on-demand, self-paced learning and hands on exercises.

EcoStruxure IT – Enabling a Resilient, Sustainable and Secure IT Infrastructure

Hear Kevin Brown, SVP of EcoStruxure Solutions at Schneider Electric, share how Schneider Electric is modernizing the EcoStruxure IT software portfolio for monitoring and management of sprawling, hybrid IT infrastructure, which has become increasingly complex in the last few years.​


EcoStruxure IT e-guide

Evolution of DCIM and an overview of EcoStruxure IT’s capabilities, solution features and benefits.​

DCIM Monitoring Value Calculator

Estimate the potential value of DCIM monitoring and alarming for distributed IT. The calculator provides an easy-to-use framework for understanding the potential value of the software by calculating an ROI (or payback period) based on your inputs.​

Cybersecurity guidance for data center power and cooling infrastructure systems

Mitigating cyber security risks requires action from vendors and those involved in data center design, installation, operation, and maintenance. This whitepaper describes what to expect from vendors and presents user best practices for each phase of the lifecycle of the site.

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Customer Spotlight

All of this makes life much easier for me on and off hours. It helps to keep me less tethered to my office. When we are hit by a storm, I only need to spend a minute on my phone and no longer need to setup a laptop, and fight for remote access to the network. That gives me more time to spend with my own family.

Bainbridge Island School District

Alan Silcott

Network Director

The biggest win using EcoStruxure IT Advisor is that we’re now in a position where we’re reacting to situations before they actually become situations visible to anybody else. We’re doing our best work when nobody really knows that we exist.

Puget Sound Energy

Christopher Perez

Advisor for Enterprise Technology

Partnership is absolutely crucial for today’s data centre environments. By listening closely to the Wellcome Sanger Institutes’s challenges and understanding the paramount importance of their work, we were able to recommend the most cost-effective and innovative solution to support their business objectives. As such, they selected EcoStruxure, which gives them greater visibility into the IT and power infrastructure, whilst ensuring they can drive both operational and energy efficiency.


Nick Ewing

Managing Director

In Schneider Electric we found a true partner for connecting our in-store IT support infrastructure to ensure uptime and security in an aesthetically pleasing, compact edge computing solution.

Titan Company Ltd.

Palani Kumar,

Vice President Integrated Retail Services

Infrastructure and technology is the most important part of a data center, so we wanted to choose the best vendor on the market.

Leading Edge Data Centres

Chris Thorpe 

CEO and Founder

The synergy of EcoStruxure Data Center Expert and EcoStruxure IT Advisor is our mainstay to make it easier for operational teams to monitor data centers in real-time, anywhere.


Ginandjar, IT Services

Director at Lintasarta

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