EcoStruxure IT Expert



Simplified deployment

Easy to register, download and implement. Get up and running within one hour.

Global visibility

Get centralized visibility and consolidated alarm notification with recommendations on where to focus your attention.

Vendor neutral

IT Expert works with 3rd party vendors and covers all your networked assets.

Pay as you go

Flexible subscription model, basically pay as you go – where you know what the monthly costs will be.

Full mobile visibility


With EcoStruxure IT Expert cloud-based monitoring system you can manage alarms, maintain uptime, and check the status of your physical infrastructure equipment whether onsite or remote.

DCIM and beyond



Build bridge between your complicated infrastructure with EcoStruxure IT Expert. The app and web interface enables proactive recommendations, and secure, wherever-you-go visibility and control of all sites.


Improve budget planning with better analytics


Cloud technologies are allowing machine-based data to be aggregated and analyzed, enabling proactive management.


Monitor an extensive range of networked Schneider Electric and 3rd party devices.

The inventory shows details for all networked devices, and provides you with a quick overview of e.g.:

  • Input/output power
  • Balance
  • Runtime

Drill in further by clicking on the device in your web interface or directly on your smartphone.


Benefit from the learnings of the data center records already in the EcoStruxure data lake.
Data from UPSs, cooling systems and other data center infrastructure equipment is stored in the EcoStruxure data lake, anonymized and analyzed. This data is used to continually benchmark the performance, efficiency and health of your equipment.

Plot senors to compare performance and pin your favorites to the dashboard for an easy overview.

Alarms and recommendations

IT Expert groups alarms into incidents, so you will not experience an alarm storm.

If for an example a temperature threshold is violated, or a device experiences constant flickering around the set threshold, IT Expert will send the initial alarm, but then following will group all the alarms into one – with a recommendation on what to do!

Get notified

Get notified when EcoStruxure IT Expert is available in your country/region.