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Maintain peak performance, proactively.

An extra set of eyes-on whenever you need it—from the experts. EcoStruxure IT Software and Digital Services is about delivering on the specific needs of your infrastructure. From advanced monitoring software, to digital and on-site support from a global team and partner network, our flexible portfolio options help anticipate, optimize, and perform.

What’s New

What are EcoStruxure IT Software & Digital Services?

Our EcoStruxure IT Software and Digital Services is a flexible portfolio that helps you gain operational excellence to manage resilient, secure, and sustainable edge computing, data center, or colocation infrastructures. Using advanced monitoring, efficient planning, digital and on-site support, you can mitigate and anticipate risk of failures, receive proactive insights and actionable recommendations, and optimize infrastructure performance and savings across the lifecycle of your devices.

With our global footprint, domain expertise, certified technicians, and extensive partner network, you can tap into this potential
by managing yourself, or by outsourcing to our experts or your preferred partner.

Of all the data center technology suppliers, Schneider Electric has moved furthest and fastest [when it comes to helping customers leverage insights from their data]. With the benefit of artificial intelligence (AI) and other big-data techniques, it is able to use this anonymized data to build performance models, reveal hitherto unseen patterns, make better products and identify optimal operational practices.

– Andy Lawrence, “Surveillance capitalism and DCIM”, Uptime Institute

Key Benefits


Global visibility across the hybrid ecosystem—from anywhere— with one tap access right from a smartphone.


Device information smart alarms, and monitoring of all devices regardless of vendor by your team, our experts, or your preferred partner.


Foresight into potential risks by leveraging global benchmarks and analytics in the EcoStruxure data lake.


Ease of deployment through a convenient subscription model for any size environment.

EcoStruxure IT— Modernized, Comprehensive, Vendor-Neutral DCIM 

Schneider Electric’s comprehensive, vendor-neutral data center infrastructure (DCIM) solution, EcoStruxure IT™ enables resilient, secure, and sustainable IT data centers.  EcoStruxure IT ensures business continuity by enabling secure monitoring, management, insights, planning, and modeling whether from a single IT rack to hyper-scale IT, on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge.

EcoStruxure IT makes it easy to monitor, manage, plan and model with on-prem or cloud-based solutions.

EcoStruxure IT App

Free smartphone app that keeps you informed of the health of your critical infrastructure, and provides you with alarm notification in the event of an issue.

EcoStruxure IT Gateway

Free software that handles communication with your monitored devices, gathering and sending device data for smart alarm notification.

EcoStruxure IT Web Interface

The multi-site remote management web interface provides you with an overview of your entire physical infrastructure – including lights out sites. You’ll get detailed insights, assessments, alarms, and ability to benchmark your assets.

How it Works

EcoStruxure IT markitecture

System requirements for the EcoStruxure IT Gateway.

Reclaim Your Time

Visibility and predictive analytics, purpose-built for the local edge and data center environments.

“EcoStruxure IT gave us 3,600+ staff hours back across our sites.”

  • Easy set-up and updates
  • Scalable subscription model
  • Customer success management
  • Cybersecurity

What’s in it for me?

EcoStruxure IT markitecture

EcoStruxure™: IoT-enabled architecture and platform

EcoStruxure IT is part of Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open, interoperable architecture and platform, in Homes,
Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries.

Apps, analytics and services
EcoCare for Single-Phase UPS

Next generation services membership

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

Increasing resiliency and visibility through live sensor data, predictive analytics and smart alarming.

EcoStruxure IT Advisor

Reducing OpEx and planning for uptime through asset, capacity and change management.

Edge control
EcoStruxure IT Expert

For real-time monitoring, incident management, analysis and asset utilization.

Learn more about Edge Computing.
Connected products
Masterpact MTZ 
Micro Data Center
Galaxy 3-Phase UPS 

Rack Mount PDU 
InRow Cooling 
Symmetra 3-Phase UPS 

Connecting the domains of IT, mechanical and power room for resiliency and efficiency.

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