Dispatch Services add-on for EcoStruxure IT Expert

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All the ways Dispatch Services gives you more

Lack of visibility and staff are key challenges within edge environments. By adding Dispatch Services, you gain instant visibility and expert support along with other value.

Gain business efficiencies

Let us handle remote and on-site support so you can avoid allocating time and OpEx.

Receive faster remediation

Proactive troubleshooting and on-site support by us results in faster mean time to repair for you.

Avoid unpredictable costs

Control your budget better and avoid unplanned spending when troubleshooting or on-site support is required.

How it works


Buy EcoStruxure IT Expert or if you have it, skip to the next step



Select the single-phase UPS Systems – new or existing – that you want to add Dispatch Services to



Add Dispatch Services, available in 1, 3, and 5 years contracts



Receive our expert advanced remote and on-site support when problems arise, while we enable you to handle basic remote support

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Enabled by EcoStruxure IT Expert

Dispatch Services is available for those currently using or buying EcoStruxure IT Expert. Our hosted software is sold separately from our service upgrade.

Basic vs. advanced remote support

Did you know? Upon sign-up, we enable you to address basic remote troubleshooting issues through a training given by our experts. For advanced remote support, that’s when we step in.

On-site support experience

We dispatch our IT experts to your site for next, business day remediation with parts and labor included. Of course, we coordinate this with your schedule.

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EcoStruxure IT Expert

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