Monitoring & Dispatch Services

Distributed IT efficiently managed by us, for you.

By combining 24/7 expert monitoring by Schneider Electric Connected Services Hub, with on-site support including required parts, let Schneider Electric help you minimize the chances of downtime.

Less worries for your distributed Smart-UPS & Micro Data Centers

Free up your resources to focus on your business.

Improve business continuity and streamline operations in a convenient and affordable manner: We help you monitor and maintain your distributed Smart-UPS & Micro Data Centers efficiently.


Efficient monitoring and management of distributed infrastructure

By combining 24/7 expert monitoring and Schneider Electric Field Services, we help reduce complexity and operational expenses related to monitoring & managing distributed infrastructure.

24/7 expert monitoring

Remote monitoring by the Schneider Electric Connected Services Hub.

Risk mitigation

A monthly report in addition to real-time monitoring that provides insight into connected devices, and recommendations on how to improve device utilization and lifecycle.

For partners, profitability at the network edge

Add a new service capability or make an existing support structure more efficient by taking the work off your hands, or extend your coverage model.

Distributed Infrastructure ecosystem performance optimization

By having remote insight into performance of network infrastructure, we are better able to diagnose the first time and help reduce the need for multiple visits to replace or repair.

Leverage additional eyes & hands on your distributed IT systems

You are not left alone… We monitor & troubleshoot, and if you need, we come to  your site to support your equipment!



Phone and chat collaboration on incidents

Troubleshoot alarms quickly by having Schneider Electric Connected Services Hub staff join in on the incident-based chat or reach out by telephone.

Service dispatch & replacement parts included

Physical infrastructure threats can be anticipated, identified, and resolved quickly and accurately with onsite support dispatch and parts if required.

Monthly report

The personalized report provides insight into connected devices, and recommendations on how to improve device utilization and lifecycle.


EcoStruxure™ Ensures Continued Learning at Bainbridge Island School District

Bainbridge Island School District chose EcoStruxure IT to help ensure continued availability of its innovative digital learning environment.

Cloud-enabled Remote Monitoring:RSA improves reliability

EcoStruxure’s IOT-enabled architecture helps RSA maintain zero-downtime in its 44,000 sq ft colocation data center. With a reputation staked on high availability, data center performance relies on a fail-safe power, cooling and communications infrastructure architecture.


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