Custom Solutions

Maximize your investment in EcoStruxure IT software with custom-made solutions developed for you by our team of highly skilled engineers

Looking to optimize your data center operations?

Fully tailored to your needs

For your operations, a one-size-fits-all solution is not always all you need. Our team of highly skilled engineers develop Custom Solutions designed to do exactly what you want it to do to make your day easier.


Improve your business setup and automate businesses processes by integrating EcoStruxure IT software with relevant enterprise software


Work with our team to develop custom solutions tailored to your need in the form of reports, dashboards, features and more


Enjoy peace of mind of knowing your custom solutions are supported and always running on the latest EcoStruxure IT Software 

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Data Center


Gain operational excellence and digitalize your data center.

Modernize and optimize your operational capabilities by better integrating IT and Operations together.

Ease your processes and improve your customer experience.

Collect data from different systems and create the reports and dashboards you require to fulfill your customers needs.

Our Custom Solutions include:

Custom reports

Do you spend too much time pulling data from different systems?

Work with our team of experts to define your ideal report, create sustainable integrations, and benefit from a report automatically generated with aggregated data from different systems.

What if you change, add or remove one of the system? With our maintenance service, you can easily plug and unplug system without any risk of data loss or disruption.


Custom dashboards

Do you need to see all your key metrics in one view?

Our Custom Dashboards collect and store current and historic data generated by EcoStruxure IT and any other IT system – enabling you to create dashboards across different platforms to get the operational insights you need to control risk, optimize and manage your business.


Automate businesses processes by integrating your other relevant software together.

Integrations to EcoStruxure IT help you improve in multiple areas, including asset management, change management, and corporate dashboards and reporting.

Web features

Wishing for a specific feature to be added to your solution?

Make your wish come true. Leverage the knowledge of our software engineers to develop and customize your EcoStruxure IT software to enhance part of the existing functionality or create a completely new feature.


Hit the ground running with your new EcoStruxure IT solution.

By migrating your current data and configuration from your legacy DCIM tool to your new EcoStruxure IT system.Our core team of highly-skilled software engineers uses specialized tools and processes to deliver best-in-class migration of data from any 3rd party system, giving you a strong foundation to start using EcoStruxure IT to manage your data center operations.