IT is complicated, let’s simplify it.

Let’s make the most of every square meter and kW with better planning and more visibility. Daily data center infrastructure management made simpler and more efficient with full insights into your entire data center or colocation infrastructure—from the big picture to individual devices. Achieve operational excellence through proper assets tracking, risk management, and capacity optimization.

EcoStruxure IT Advisor provides insights into your infrastructure to improve profitability, efficiency, and availability

Key Benefits


Asset Management

Keep track of your assets and know where and when to move, add, change and remove IT equipment for accurate space, power, and cooling management.



Model just a few closets or large colocation environments in a modern, high-performing, 3D view and quickly visualize capacity.



Get insights from data center key performance indicators through easily configured web dashboards, displaying customizable management-level information.

Your software will be ready on day 1, how about you?

Your software is deployed now, are you and your staff ready to go on day 1? Ensure successful software deployments with EcoStruxure IT eLearning. An on-demand, self-paced learning with hands-on exercises for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software deployments that helps everyone learn how to do their jobs faster, safer, and more affordably.


Accurate visualization of your centralized environment

  • View racks and see where and how assets are placed and connected.
  • 3D view.
  • Get an overview of current network connections.
  • View device data within the physical layout for instant access to device details and asset attributes, and overview of data center operations.
  • View which rack PDU outlet your server is connected to for an easier understanding and set up of power connections.

Asset management for accurate inventory and model data

  • Track detailed information on all your data center assets and create your own custom fields.
  • Leverage the 10 000+ Models Library and Auto-Discovery to get up and running fast.
  • Keep track of your assets without making multiple trips to your data center.
  • Drag-and-drop assets within a rack to reorder them, or from one cabinet to another.
  • Visually compare two racks.
  • View front and rear rack images.
  • View name, make, model, along with network, physical and power information for each device.
  • View cabinet level capacity.

Change management to move, add, change and delete IT equipment

  • Automate work orders and define processes to ensure human error is reduced and best practices are deployed across all moves.
  • Create work orders with customizable task details and deadlines to ensure work is done accurately and on time.
  • Track the real-time status of all work orders to improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff.

Risk planning for proactive incident management

  • Get insights into how incidents (such as cooling or equipment failures) may impact your devices and infrastructure to optimize risk planning.

Capacity management for optimized, intelligent planning

  • Accurately manage space and power to optimize capacity utilization.
  • Find, place, and reserve space for new asset installations: Select your location and criteria, and the system will automatically calculate and select the rack and U-position that is best suited for the new asset based on the capacity values.


  • Leverage out-of-the-box reports for faster analysis of capacity forecast, inventory, free U-space, server utilization, work orders, etc.
  • Share insights with your team and management to create a common view and understanding of your data center.
  • Identify opportunities to drive savings and efficiency by monitoring and measuring energy usage in your data centers, via current and historical Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).


  • Map tenant assets on a room, cage, rack or server level for an in-depth understanding of tenant impact in the event of an outage.
  • Audit trail: Track all cage and facility equipment changes over the data center lifecycle, ensuring transparency and easy identification of requirements for predictive maintenance.
  • Get an overview of current space and power capacities.
  • Receive insights into tenant inventory using the Tenant Inventory report, showing all equipment associated with a specific tenant.
  • Simulate a cooling or equipment failure and get insight into which tenants will be impacted.
  • Enable your tenants to get direct visibility into their equipment and energy consumption using the Tenant Portal.

Get the high-level overview of your data center on the go

Use the web client for online lightweight access to some of the features in the EcoStruxure IT Advisor model without having to launch the desktop client.

Customer Success Stories

Puget Sound Energy on Keeping Customers Energized: How EcoStruxure™ IT Enables 24/7 Data Center Resiliency

Tasked with keeping their customers energized to ensure continuity of critical services like Emergency Medical Services, Puget Sound Energy relies on the EcoStruxure IT data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution for comprehensive visibility.

EcoDataCenter Utilizes Sustainable Energy

EcoDataCenter is innovating sustainable colocation data center design. With the efficiency gains from EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor, EcoDataCenter achieves a remarkably low power usage effectiveness of 1.15 and can optimize the use of their hydroelectric power.

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