System requirements for the Gateway

If you’re connecting from Data Center Expert, see here.

Server or PC that is always on

  • A server with Microsoft® Windows® 64-bit operating system
  • At least 2 core and 4GB of RAM
  • 2GB hard disk space

Gateway 1.1.0 was tested on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Server 2012 SP1, and Server 2016. The application takes 225MB of disk space, and the server retains a maximum of 8 days of data, about 128MB per day.



  • Port 443 TCP outbound
  • To connect using static IPs, add and

Supported browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer®10, 11
  • Mozilla®Firefox®
  • Google Chrome™
  • Safari

Set the screen resolution to at least 1024 x 768.


  • iPhone 4S and newer
  • iOS 8.0 and newer
  • Android 4.4 and newer

Connected devices

  • Intelligent Network Management Card
  • Modbus TCP or SNMP V1 and V3 enabled
  • Connected to a TCP/IP network that the Gateway has access to

Security certificate

When you launch the Gateway, the browser might display a message that the connection is not secure. Since the application is installed on the local machine, the security certificate used by localhost is a self signed certificate. It is safe to add an exception to your browser for https://localhost.

NOTE: If you’re currently running Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) on your Data Center Expert you must disable it before connecting to EcoStruxure IT.

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