Cloud-enabled remote monitoring service

  Minimize downtime and reduce mean time to repair through smart alarming, remote troubleshooting and visibility into your equipment lifecycle.    

Live and historical sensor data

Get an overview of your sensor data, and the freedom to dig deeper and view historical data with EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor.


24/7 expert monitoring

    Alleviates the strain on internal staff by engaging experts to provide 24/7 Service Bureau monitoring of the physical infrastructure and ensure you have no unnecessary interruptions.    

Business continuity through cloud-enabled remote monitoring service


EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor: we monitor and troubleshoot, you relax!

Subscribe to EcoStruxure Asset Advisor for 24/7 remote monitoring of your critical equipment, increasing resiliency and transparency through service personnel equipped with real-time device data to quickly troubleshoot and dispatch. And with just one tap, the EcoStruxure IT app gives you access to your assets, incident tracking and online chat collaboration, keeping you in touch with Schneider Electric and your team.

You’ll get:

  • 24/7 expert monitoring of your data center The Schneider Electric Service Bureau will remotely monitor all connected physical infrastructure devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enabling remote trouble shooting for quick resolution of critical incidents.
  • Incident tracking Incidents are automatically created and tracked, providing easy access to real-time incident status, incident history and chat history.
  • Real-time notifications on your smartphone The EcoStruxure IT app gives you an instant overview of your sensor data and alarms.
  • Chat collaboration on incidents Troubleshoot alarms quickly by having Schneider Electric Service Bureau staff join in on the incident-based chat.
  • Proactive service dispatch Physical infrastructure threats can be anticipated, identified, and resolved quickly and accurately with onsite support dispatch if required.
  • Monthly report The personalized report provides insight into connected devices, coupled with expert recommendations on how to improve device utilization and lifecycle.
  • Staff on duty Set on or off duty status to avoid getting called by the Schneider Electric Service Bureau when you don’t want to be disturbed – we will simply call whoever is on duty in the case of a critical incident!

Easy collaboration with your team and Schneider Electric experts

Who’s on duty here? Avoid fumbling tasks with easy status toggling to let everyone know who is at work and who is unavailable.

Communicate efficiently by using the incident-based text chat. All messages are visible to the entire team.

In case you need help just call the Schneider Electric service bureau directly from the app…or open a support ticket and let us assist you via chat.

How do I subscribe to Asset Advisor?

Before you can subscribe to Asset Advisor you need to have the EcoStruxure IT Gateway and app. Sign up to get the mobile app here.

Log into to subscribe assets to Asset Advisor.


Note: Assets covered by Advantage Prime, Advantage Ultra, Factory Warranty, Onsite Warranty Extension, and Fleet Management contract will not be charged upon subscription to EcoStruxure Asset Advisor. Does not apply to India.

Start monitoring your assets right now!

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