IT threats, made idle.

Make your IT infrastructure environment safer with our NetBotz intelligent pods, cameras, rack access controls, and sensors. Our scalable solutions help prevent downtime and damage by detecting threats like humidity, flood, fire, and more. NetBotz means no worries for you, and no more threats to your valuable IT equipment.

Monitor and protect your IT infrastructure with certainty

Key Benefits


Environmental Monitoring

APC NetBotz is designed to protect your IT infrastructure against environmental threats such as temperature, humidity, smoke and water leaks which pose a significant threat to the company’s IT infrastructure.


Physical Security

NetBotz series provides integrated sensing, surveillance options and badged rack-access control to help mitigate unauthorized access risks through a wide array of intelligent sensors, camera clip captures, configurable alerts and robust management options that help prevent unexpected downtime.


Flexible Solutions

APC NetBotz are the industry’s most comprehensive and unique solutions for your IT security and environmental monitoring needs offering enhanced security, intelligent sensing, instant alerts and a robust management system that can be combined to meet your needs from network closets to data centers.



Browser Accessible

  • View the user interface with a browser. Provides quick access from anywhere on a secure network.
  • Real-time alerts and sensor data overview.
  • Multiple camera feeds on a single screen.

Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Can be the environmental monitoring solution, or the rack access control solution, or both.
  • Can be mounted in a rack alongside other IT gear, or zero – U mounted in the back.


  • Integrates with APC racks, NetBotz sensors, and Data Center Expert for easy deployment, configuration, and management.
  • Customize threshold definitions (multiple thresholds per sensor, scheduling, severity levels) to your requirements.

APC NetBotz Solutions in Action

NetBotz is the most comprehensive solution for your IT environmental and security monitoring needs. Use the interactive tool to learn how integrated sensing, surveillance, and badged rack-access control can help mitigate risks.

Customer Success Stories

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